01 Data Management 

Define Cloud strategy, architecture & roadmap

Data Warehouse, Data Lake House - Design & setup

Develop data governance & data quality framework

Data fabric architecture & tools 

Data Discovery - Catalog data sources, metadata management

Inculcate data driven culture

A future-ready modern data framework to serve all business use cases. 

02 Data Integration & Cloud Migration  

Design & develop 

Optimized data models, ingestion and data pipelines

ETL/ELT workloads & monitoring

Processes that scale up and down without performance problems

Automate data migration between upstream/downstream (on-prem) systems and Cloud.

03 Data Analytics & AI 

Data analytics consulting – use-case exploration and building analytics roadmap

Data preparation and creating a single version of truth

Build self-service data analytics capabilities

Dashboard & report development

AI/ML model selection and development

AI/ML model tuning and validation

AI/ML model scaling, integration and deployment.

04 Data Security 

Data access control management

Data encryption at rest & in-transit

Data retention, archival and purging.


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