01 Data Strategy & Architecture 

Identify cost-saving practices, generate new market opportunities, and find various ways of improving business processes through our highly efficient data strategy. We'll equip your business with a fully personalized, advanced, and innovative cloud-based data mesh that maximizes flexibility while maintaining competitive pricing. You'll have your data sourced, collected, stored, managed, analyzed, and used in the most effective ways. 

02 Databases, Data Warehouses, Data Mesh and Cloud Migration  

Design & develop optimized data models and processes that scale up and down without performance problems and provide a future-ready framework to serve all business use cases in most robust and secure ways.

03 Data Analytics 

Your business's data holds a wealth of insights and value that can equip your business with the information it needs to reach specific objectives. Ccube's team can help you discover the secrets held by your business's data to capitalize on best practices, recognize hidden opportunities, uncover shortcomings, and so much more. Imagine pulling back the cover of your business's operations to gain a full understanding of how things are operating. That's precisely what our data analytics solutions can accomplish.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning represent cutting-edge technological advancements. Unfortunately, these innovative technologies are out of the reach of most businesses, giving industry gatekeepers an immediate advantage. That's where Ccube can help. Through our partner solutions, we give business owners access to the power of AI and ML through our trained and certified data engineers. Our consultants work with your team one-on-one to help them solve immediate problems in efficient, innovative, and sustainable ways. It's the best way to take full advantage of this ground-breaking technology while saving time and money.

04 Cloud-Native Development 

Ensure your applications are being monitored and managed for optimal performance with hosting on private or public clouds depending on your specific needs. Our team can also build customized microservices and efficient CI/CD pipelines on Kubernetes. 

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